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Know and Go - Heart Attack Cards (25/Pack)

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  • Package of 25 two-sided heart attack information cards
  • Each card measures 3.5" w x 8.5" h
  • Spot the signs of heart attack
  • Pointers for lifestyle choices that reduce the risk

Each year thousands of people survive heart attacks and go on to live normal lives. The key to survival is to recognize the symptoms and to act quickly.

Our pack of 25 two-sided Know and Go - Heart Attack Cards is designed to help people learn and recognize signs of heart attack, in a highly-portable card format for busy lifestyles. Presented in a bullet-point quick-to-read style, our Know and Go Cards are perfect heart attack education tools for distribution in hospitals, at events, and in the classroom. You'll help your community stay informed on how to prevent and identify heart attacks by distributing this valuable life-saving information.

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