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  • Heart-Shaped Pedometer - SH14152
  • Heart-Shaped Pedometer - SH14152
  • Heart-Shaped Pedometer - SH14152

Heart-Shaped Pedometer

ITEM #SH14152

Price: $5.95
Availability: In Stock
  • Heart-shaped pedometer
  • Top-view LCD display for easy monitoring
  • Energy saving auto shut-off and idle mode
  • Tracks up to 99,999 steps
  • Battery included
  • Secure belt clip
  • Size:1-3/4" x 1-5/8" x 1-1/8"


Being physically active on a regular basis is important to promote overall health and prevent heart disease and stroke, which are responsible for more deaths in the U.S. than all forms of cancer combined. With our American Heart Association Heart-shaped Pedometer, keep count of your steps up to 99,999. The modern lines of our pedometer are not overtly childish or feminine, making it a suitable unisex option. A simple and easy to use pedometer for exercise, with one "reset" button to start fresh each day. Pedometer comes with the battery included, and an energy saving auto-shut off feature. Secure unit onto your shirt or pants with the belt clip. For best accuracy, affix at waist. Our pedometer measures 1-3/4" x 1-5/8" x 1-1/8". Walk 22 minutes every day. Little steps will lead to big gains!


Overall Rating
Based on 1 Reviews
While I found the pedometer to be extremely accurate, I did not make it a day with out it resetting it self. I would look down at one point and it would say that I had walked 4568 steps and then a half hour later it would say I only walked 67 steps. I doesn't do me any good when it resets so easily while I am walking.