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No Fad Diet Book
  • No Fad Diet Book
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No-Fad Diet Book, 1st Edition

ITEM #SH14018

Price: $15.95
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  • Healthy lifestyle book, Paperback
  • Skip the gimmicks and get to a healthy sustainable weight
  • Latest research on weight management and nutrition science
  • 50 all-new recipes


Learn how to make long-term choices that become habits and lead you to a heart-healthy lifestyle. The No-Fad Diet Book will lead the way to reducing your body weight to a sustainable, healthy weight, without the use of gimmicks or health-compromising yo-yo fad-diets. Contains 200 recipes along with 50 all-new never before published recipes. The No-Fad Diet Book as a great way to kick start your way to a permanently healthier you. Paperback.